Ebook: How to Become More Minimalist in 30 Days

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Ebook: How to Become More Minimalist in 30 Days

Heather Larson
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A step-by-step guide to becoming more minimalist in just 30 days!

In this 30-day guide to minimalism, you will find a quick, easy-to-read format with 30 days of tasks and guidance. You can use it to practice minimalism one day at a time or you can merely scan through for ideas. You don’t have to go in any certain order and can skip anything that you don’t feel applies to your situation.

This ebook contains tips for handling tasks that overwhelm you when clearing your space.

Learn to become more of a minimalist from the standpoint of a very conversational coach.

  • There are energetic tips from a Reiki Master (Coach Heather Larson is a Usui Reiki Master). The “energetic bonus” tips will help you become more conscious of how energy shifts in your home and other areas of your life represented by your stuff.

  • There’s a time to power through the tasks of clearing clutter — and also a time to reach out for help. There could also be a time when it’s best to call your therapist… That’s in here, too.

  • This ebook about engaging in a more minimalist lifestyle will also take a look into digital minimalism and tackling your social media habits.

  • Take action steps to bust through your procrastination.

  • Read tips on what to keep and what to get rid of — plus tips on HOW to get rid of it all safely.

Certified Transformational Life Coach Heather Larson wrote this book full of encouragement that is tough—but still friendly.

35 pages

Digital Download: 675 KB PDF

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A 35-page PDF you can use for 30 days to get into minimalism—and get rid of the clutter clogging up your life!

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